March 21, 2012

iC - Preparation for design / App functionality.

Branding & Packaging Components: 

Logo - iC (I see) branding. Centered Size: 3"x3"

Start up Screen - iC logo w/ sound mark.

Background - Depth of field shifting gray scale.

UI - Clean, Large

No rotation.

*Where to find an optometrist. Using the GPS.
* The different kinds of eye issues that one can have.
* Advice - Taking care of your eyes, have regular eye tests, take regular breaks, invest in quality lenses, ask for personal lenses,
* About the application.

Things to avoid:
Static or moving imagery outside of the beginning.
Small UI.

* Add note about how this is not a professional method of testing your eye sight. Waver.
* Terms & Conditions.

Research Notes:
Visual Acuity
Colour Test


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