September 18, 2010

Final Type Compositions From Beginning to End

My theme is Predator-Prey or Predication which I derived from the Cycle of Life and Death from my Nature Mind Map in Viscom. 

My final nine words are Starvation, Mortal, Terror, Symbiosis, Necessity, Extinction, Advantage, Competition, and Consumption. You can see them below in order. 

My type of choice is Grotesque MT Standard & Bold

I have to say I've really enjoyed experimenting with these compositions. This project has defiantly helped push me out of my comfort zone in working with type. You have to respect the ability to properly use type to strengthen composition. I have to admit but after this project I'm looking back and seeing far too much of my type in personal projects not functioning properly. I mean sure it can look cool, but there's an art to it being more than that. By no means have I even really scratched the surface of typography but its exciting to learn. 

Round 1 Type Compositions (Minus a few)
The above image shows my first round of compostions prior to crit and adjustments. 

Round 2 Type Compostions (Narrowed down to 9)
The above image shows my 9 compostions after round two which have been adjusted and narrowed down after meeting with Marty one-on-one. 

Final Compostions (Adjustments From Last Crit w/ Marty & Group)
Note* - The uncut sheets are the updated compositions

I know its kind of hard to make out on the screen here but the following adjustments were made.

Advantage: The "ADV" letters were pulled the left further to take "advantage"of the V shape in which I was able to create a moment by moving the smaller word "Advantage" into the vertex. Something I like about this change is the way the "advantage" word being in the vertex better defines my over all theme of Predator-Prey. 

Extinction: The word itself which I tried to break up in round two of experimenting to give it a more death and decay feel I reverted back to one solid word at group crit request. Visually I think this does portray "Extinction" better. A solid form represents a one animal in the wild for example like an animal half decayed or just because its awesome to reference a Dinosaur sinking in a tar pit. 

Mortal: For "Mortal" I closed in the letter forms closer together and moved the chunk I had pulled out of the "O" form closer back together. In crit it was pointed out this chunk removed made the "O" appear too much like a "C" which after being pointed out was very true. 

Symbiosis: Overall I feel pretty good about this composition, but I was worried about the far left "Symbiosis" being too far to the left into the binding. I scaled back that one word to be safe. 

All other's: General cleaning up of craft and preparation for transparencies to be made from them. 

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