September 7, 2010

Quality vs. Quantity

Robert Fritz's Quality vs. Quantity in the Creative Process
"Often, the more you produce, the more mastery you will have".
I'm grateful for having the chance to read this article. I think this is something I really needed to hear right now. Far too often I spend my time polishing a few of my works when I need to be focusing on experimenting and developing my work to a new level. Really great article. Now if we could just unlock the best way to learn from the practice.

Working with mind maps, and thumbnails this semester I have a new appreciation for the preparation and planning that should always take part before embarking on a brief. Practice, practice, practice.


jamie said...

Very thoughtful response. And great graphic too. I like the idea of responding to a reading post with a image. No one has done that for my assignments before.

Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh said...

Thanks Jamie,

After reading the article I just felt really compelled to make something right then and there. It was a very inspirational read.

I'll post images more often in my responses.