November 17, 2010

Reach Out and Read Posters: Round #1 Concepts

Hand drawn poster concept. My typography is based on books in various states of falling open and through that making up the letter forms. I will be illustrating the entire piece but I wanted to see how this aspect of the poster went before I added any other designs or inked. 

This poster is based on a photographic background consisting of books floating in space. This image is a concept place holder. I will be shooting my own take on the matter. 

This particular poster was created using the selection of type (Helvetica Bold) and drawn across diagonally with my wacom. 

Same concept as above but experimenting with thiner lines. 

This concept uses the photograph from before. 

My concept is the word "READ" showing through the blurred image portraying a sense of clarity that comes from literacy. 

Basic placement and concept. "Read" in white at a lower opacity. 

"read" in lowercase and left aligned. Blue in this concept to match the book covers. 
I also have this version with green and yellow type. 

"READ" selection formed out of brush strokes. 

"READ" selection formed out of brush strokes using more color.

"Because you love them" I was trying different quotes to invoke a reminder of affection for ones child. 

Another quote. 

"Read" showing through this brick wall of poverty & blight to a forest or adventure to be had. The concept of reading will help give a child a chance to escape the slums. 

Same as above but lower. 

same as above by larger and placed differently. I'm experimenting with what layout makes the forest clearer. 

Wacom line strokes over Helvetica Bold. The photo is a sense of poverty. 

Books as hope for a child. 

I need some help getting these transformations down. 

Different layout of the same concept. 

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