November 16, 2010

Haiku Imagery Updated w/Customized Type

Image Adjustments: I extended the bend in my "Must spring time fade?" images to give it a more of a fading display. In my image for "Then cry all birds... and fishes'" I simplified the imagery down to relate it better with the other two by removing the feathers that surrounded it prior. I also spaced out the distance in the details giving it a less condensed composition and adjusted the shape to better resemble a tear drop. "Cold pale eyes pour tears" remained unchanged. 

Type Adjustments: I kerned each letter by itself and adjusted the points of most of the letters to give them a more realistic script appearance by scaling back on some of the flourishes. I also made a 2nd version of each image with a pairing with the type in a more dynamic location. 

Please click "Read More" to see the rest of my Haiku images and adjustments. 

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