November 3, 2010

Plutonium Website Layout's Round #2

These are revisions made to compositions #4, and 5

#4 Revised

Changes Made:

Moved the title to the top of the body text. 
Corrected my monogram's cropping issue. 
Corrected my monogram's skew issue.
I updated my monogram with a smaller version. 
I spaced out the side bar more. 


#4 Prior Version

---------------------------------- Next Study ------------------------------

#5 Revised

Changes Made: 

I swapped the molecule image with my monogram.
I removed the break in my paragraphs made by the image.
I aligned the side bar to the left. 
I aligned my body text to the right of the page. 
I aligned my body paragraph with "Its a blast"


#5 Prior Version

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