November 3, 2010

Plutonium Website Layout's Round #3

#4 Updated

Changes Made:

Changed the side bar spacing by moving the monogram into closer visual balance. 
I shrunk the column size down but retained the end of the body paragraph left side gap for the image to fit into by adjusting the image inwards towards the right side. 


#4 Prior Revision


# 5 Updated (Body Paragraph Aligned to Element Details.)

Changes Made: 

I centered the details in between my monogram and plutonium image but left my title alone. 
I spaced out the monogram, details, and plutonium image more. 
I made two versions of paragraph re-alignments. This is the first. The second it below. 

# 5 Updated (Body Paragraph Aligned to "It's a blast" title.)


Prior Revisions

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