October 26, 2010

Viscom Project #2 - Line Study Evolution

The West Bottoms

My posters follow a three part narrative about the state of the West Bottoms. "Urban, Decay, Repurposed" Urban because a major contributing factor of urban decay is the freeway systems. Decay, and Repurposed you can see in the other two posters. This is based on the recent growth in the West Bottoms and their recent accusation of several million dollar companies moving into the area and artisan clients setting up shop there. 


I arranged my graphic space as to show the rhythm of the freeway beams in a balanced harmony with the progression of my line study. It draws your eye into the text and then into the photograph. I want the viewer to be drawn into the underpass of the freeway. Let the distance and depth of the image reflect the narrative. The construction, de-industrialized, void like visual identity of the west bottoms (which it is currently coming out of). The freeway beams in the photograph are activating my line study above giving it balance and purpose. I juxtaposed my line studies and my photograph according to the areas in my photography that held space to compliment and continue my line study into. After creating thumbnails I looked for imagery in the West Bottoms that resembled my ideas or stumbled across that naturally help potential for juxtaposition. I employed tools like the Konica, scanner, and projector for manipulation. My Canon XTI, and Sony HX5V to capture my photography and processed and adjusted images in Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. 

Basic Line Study


Raw Manipulation

Final Edit

Juxtaposition Final Edit w/ Photo

Early concepts & progression of this poster:

The idea was there but not realized yet

I tried playing off of the pillars instead of the freeway beams



The final version almost realized minus the final adjustments which I will describe bellow. 

This final version has been updated to use Futura Medium Condensed to follow the same type faced used in the other two posters. Its hard to see here but there is now a gradient that flows down from the top of the poster in the lines to the freeway beams going from a 90% black into a 10% fade when it reaches the beams. The "S" in Bottoms is now bleeding off the page. The word "Urban" is hidden in the middle left side of the composition using a gradient. 


jamie said...

The top experiment posted here is interesting with a lot of potential. I don't remember seeing that from class.

Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh said...

Hey Jamie,

It was hanging up with the others. There were two of them. One with the text hiding behind the structures and one without them hiding. I think by the time we got to them though we were wrapping up and you had my three picked out. Thats if we're talking about the same one.