October 27, 2010

Find + Share - Spreads/Grids by Neal Fletcher about Jan Tschichold w/links

Example spread

"Magazine Article based on our given typographer -
(Jan Tschichold) for a fictional typographic magazine; Forefront."

Exploring the spread
Contents & Front Cover by the same designer's project

Contents Page

Front Cover
Jan Tschichold, wrote a book called "Die neue Typographie" or "The New Typography" in which he diagrams what he consitered good and bag magazine spreads. This is interesting to look at because shortly afterwards he abandoned in 1932 claiming it was too extreme. He also went so far as to condemn Modernist design in general as being authoritarian and inherently fascistic.

See also this chart from "Design elements: a graphic style manual" By Timothy Samara

I also suggest looking at:

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