October 20, 2010

Vector vs Bitmap

In the case of our current project certain areas like for example the west bottoms for its industrial and jagged quality could benefit from a raster or bitmap based format working off of its pixel effects. 

Working with a really modern and clean area like power and light it could really benefit from having the sharp clean lines of a vector format. 

Vector files are easy to modify seamlessly and work well for a wide variety of professional projects. Live trace for example is a life saver when it comes to getting sharp lines digitalized from my drawings for posters. Working with points is challenging but effective with mastery. 

Bitmap files are messy, but messy can be beautiful in the right context. A level of precise pixel by pixel editing easier in photoshop like programs over illustrator. Pixel artwork and bitmap fonts obviously are based in this format. Bitmap transitions better into portable screen safe displays. 

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