February 8, 2012

Personas: Updated

Maegan Lucas

The Environmentalist
"It's important to know where my food is coming from"
Age: 34
Marital Status: Married with 3 children
Education: Bachelors in horticulture
Occupation: Field Researcher
Neighborhood: Valentine
Enjoys: gardening, partakes in neighborhood association, vegetarian
personality traits: pragmatic, efficient, practical
Began her chicken farm because she enjoys knowing where her food comes from. Meagan also believes in teaching her children the importance of being kind to the earth. Her husband built their chicken coop from recycled materials. She enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking and sports with the kids.  

Lindsey Anderson

The Chicken Hobbyist
“I was amazed by the taste of these eggs, so I decided to try it”
Age: 26
Marital Status: Married with a baby on the way
Education: Interior Design
Job: Interior Designer
Neighborhood: Brookside
Enjoys: baking, photography, biking, avid wine collector, plays ukelele, couponing
Personality Traits: Energetic, Social Creature, Artistic
Lisa began her urban chicken farm when a close friend took in a few chickens and loved how low maintenance they were. What really swayed her was the effect that raising chickens could have on her child. This urban chicken farm would be something she could do with her family. Their Chicken coop was built to match the look of their own house. She enjoys blogging about her chickens.

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