January 28, 2013

Degree Project Question

Project Code Name: Social Media Aggregator

What I Want it to Do:
Digest and break up the social media user's various apps / networks into an organized and curated experience. I want it to possibly use an algorithm like Google Search "Knowledge Engine" results or the Facebook "EdgeRank" algorithm to determine what content should be displayed. I want the user to be able to see these information once it has been gathered. The use should then be able to verify (accept) or correct the percentage in which each network is displayed. Perhaps in the form of a slider bar. I want it to be responsive, and work across smartphone, tablet, and desktop (in the form of a Windows 8 app). I want it to be capable of surviving rising and falling social networks as they come and go. Future proof. 5-10 years from now will this still be able to function? I want the user to be capable of organizing the content into group's like Marty has suggested (ie Moms, Friends, Design Students). 

Old Question: 
"How can an iPhone application allow the 18 to 34 year old social media app user to curate their mobile experience by selecting and combining only the content that matters most to them and their lives from people they care the most about into one application."

New Question:
"How can an app allow the social media app user to curate and organize their mobile experience through an intelligent algorithm paired with a user controlled adjustment system in which the user can highlight and combine only the content that matters most to them and their lives from people they care the most about into a single application?"

Next Step:
Auditing my classmates and other social media users usage, concerns, and desires. 
ie. problems, potential solutions: explorations/ideas/experiences/speculations. 

Massive Note to Self:
"This is an important time in which I can really push conventions. This is the time to explore and imagine how this could function in 5-10 years from now. Do NOT get bogged down by audience issues."

Previous Presentation: 


Marty Maxwell Lane said...

Hi Eli,

We'll talk more in class. But, for now: yes, don't get bogged down and this is ABSOLUTELY a time to push conventions. However, I'm not sure that the audience is the area to include in that phrase about getting bogged down. Maybe I'm misunderstanding by what you mean when you say "audience issues", but I would argue that it's more about not getting bogged down by what is technologically possible at this time. The audience are the people. The people are what really matter. Check out that documentary I posted on dropmark called "connecting."


Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh said...

Hey Marty,

Thanks for your comments. I'm going to do my best to really push conventions. I've been thinking about it a lot over break and i'm really looking forward to it.

The "audience issues" comment was in regards more so to the discussion that occurred during my presentation. We as a collective audience were getting hung up on what "kind" of audience I should be designing for which is where that comment came from. Especially after watching that video today I understand what you mean about the importance of focusing on the audience. Thanks for sharing that it was really inspiring. I actually sent it along to the guys at Mutual Mobile to share as well.