December 8, 2010

Project 3

Project 3 as listed on the Viscom blog was to "Exploit properties of non-traditional tools, Understand mark making as aesthetic, expressive and perceptual phenomenon, and Explore symbiotic relationship of concept and form."

Our animations were to compliment the Haiku, retain its poetic grace while adding our own imagination and creativity into visualizing the words. I definitely had a crash course in flash while working on this projects and spent a lot of time outside of class watching tutorials. In hindsight I wish I had pushed my animations further. As I mention else where in these final statements I have to learn to express myself better and push harder for excellence. Too often I settle on the first idea I think is worth while and this is a mistake. I had a hard time retaining the essence of the typical haiku and Japanese style of poetry while trying to bring it to life per say. I wanted to keep a graceful but simple composition but I came to understand these were menat to be free to explore our abilities and though that exploration compliment the Haiku. The book was an incredible roller coster of emotion. I'm just glad we gave ourselves enough time to work hard on it. I know were wouldn't have been satisfied with a simple book after all of the work we put into the Haiku animations and marks. All though I know my work could be better and I think I've gotten off to kind of a rough start here in design. I know its where I want to be though. Design makes me happy as a human being. These projects through demanding and difficult and frustrating at times I know i'm learning so much even if its not quite showing as well as I want it too. But here's to a strong finish no matter what it takes. 

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