August 30, 2010


I chose to write about Futura because I have always enjoyed seeing geometric sans-serif fonts in the wild. Such as in films, posters, album covers. I feel a certain affinity for them.

A well known example of Futura's usage these days would be by American Film Director Wes Anderson. Mr. Anderson consistently uses Futura Bold in his films.

Wes Anderson's use of Futura Bold in Royal Tenenbaums:

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Another use of Futura in popular culture would be Stanley Kubrick's use of Futura Extra Bold in his films such as Eyes Wide Shut:

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Kubrick also used Futura in the title secence and poster art for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Futura was also the first typeface ever on the moon.

Geo-metric fonts like Futura thought great for stand alone titles such as show above are known for their uselessness as a body font.

Five anatomical terms I find in Futura:

1. Counter.
2. Stem.
3. Arm.
4. Leg.
5. Cross Bar.


jamie said...

Futura keeps good company!

Marty Maxwell Lane said...

Eli -

This post is a great example of how typography operates in culture. I'm happy to see that you went above and beyond describing the classification and anatomy.


Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh said...

Thank you very much Marty.
I really appreciate your comment.