August 28, 2010

Find + Share - Example of Contemporary or Historic Graphic Design

For my example of contemporary or historic graphic design I have chosen contemporary designer Si Scott and his recent tour poster for the band The Enemy.

I found this image via Si Scott's Behance Network portfolio page located here.

I chose this particular designer because I have always admired his ability to use what a pears to be a limited visual identity or style that defines his work as his own in so many forms and for such a wide range of clientele quite successfully.

The design principals that I see in Mr. Scott piece are the following:
  • Alignment – The typography of the band name, location of the tour, and date it is occurring are all aligned to the right. Another example is the locations of the dates, venue, and contact information being center aligned.

  • Asymmetry – There is a dynamic equilibrium between the typography on the left and the design of the UK on the right.

  • Continuation – The line in particular of this piece could either start at the left aligned type or off page but it appears as if it could go on forever past the top right corner of the page.

  • Proximity – The information portrayed for each city inside the designed map of England is framed away by one another and help enforce the viewers ability to navigate the image.

  • Positive & Negative Space – There is quite a bit of this going on in this particular piece so I will focus on one example. The outline of England is separated from the ornamental line design that creates a white space and allows the viewer to make out the image better.

  • Compound Shape – The ornamental line elements are overlapping one another.

  • Repetition – There are a lot of repeating and similar forms. In particular the ornamental line design at most end points there is a similar form used.


jamie said...

I look forward to hearing you speak like this about your and your classmates work in class crits now.

Check out the work of Marian Bantjes. It's a similar approach to this one (and to your LP design), but even more elegant and methodical.

Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh said...

I will be sure to.

Thanks for the great artist reference. What an incredible designer. I'll be sure to dig through her work.

Thanks Jamie!