April 14, 2013

Project 3

Ashley and I have decided to build our monument based on the internet's past, focusing on some of the earliest websites and social networks that are either no longer in use today, or have evolved to something better. The audience for such a monument would vary from people who are comfortable with technology and experienced these earlier websites to computer geeks who enjoy some witty, tech-related humor.

To illustrate this idea, we plan on building an internet graveyard. The graveyard will hold a series of tombstones dedicated to specific websites. These tombstones will be built with regular concrete, but be shaped as computer monitors that are from the specific time period that each website was in use. The computer monitors will each have a screens of the website's past functionality and different pages, almost like an interactive demo. Similar to a real graveyard, these graveyards with show evidence of being visited, some showing that they haven't been visited in years. This will be shown with leave behind gifts by the tombstones that are fitting to the website and the website's audience. For example, the old Myspace tombstone might have a concert flyer taped to it, since Myspace today is only used by bands promoting themselves. 

We'd also like to show the age of the websites by showing some that look extremely dated, while others look freshly buried.

P.S. - We're exited. 

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