October 8, 2012

MX Presentation Feedback


your community sounds like it's learning how technology can improve the effectiveness of a child's schooling through connecting families, teachers, and students. also, learning algebra.

as for your presentation, i think you've still got tooo maaany wooords on the slides! and that's coming from me, and you know how i feel about words. other than that, very nice.


Middle schoolers, their parents, and their teachers are learning together by building relationships through technology as well as using gamification.

Really thorough presentation. I am intrigued by the locker idea because it something they access often, but like Ivan said, it isn't necessarily something that they can spend a whole lot of time to look at. How will you address pranking or like, getting distracted by lockers and getting kids late to class because they want to spend time at their lockers? I also think it's important to address your school. Is it a school in a low income community? Is it a private school? These schools are very different and need to be addressed differently.


Everyone is learning something a bit differently, but essentially contributing to this better school experience. Students are learning how to take charge of their education through gamification, parents and mentors are learning how to active in a students learning and better understand a students learning style, and teachers are learning how to teach better?

What type of school is your focus. Your avatars are determined based on your learning style, how is the teaching within the school addressing these learning styles?

Another thought I had was that students should be rewarded for being progressive in their own education.


One thing I was thinking about is the parent to student to teacher relationship. I feel like that has gotten lost and in the beginning I thought that that was the most important part of your concept. I would spend more time improving that relationship. Trying to get to the root of the problem. I thought about a podcast I listened to and I know you aren't talking about low income schools but it was just a good reminder about how school could become a haven for kids and the actual science of kids and their learning. 



good job on your presentation. yay for improving education systems! 

so from my understanding, you guys are working to connect what 6th grade students are learning in the classroom with parents at home through a system where each student, parent and teacher can connect and communicate.

i'm really glad you guys have decided to gamify the experience in a way. i think that could be really fun for that particular age group. one thing i especially loved was the idea of the teachers having a scoring system. i feel like this would be a great way of making sure the teachers are conscious of their teaching methods and how effective they are. something that was also interesting to me that may be worth mentioning is the parents side of things. while watching and being constantly aware of what their kids are learning, they, in a way, would be learning again as well. whether or not this is something worth mentioning is up to you, but i just noticed it was another benefit. good work! i'm excited to see where this goes!


Your community is learning how to enjoy learning.

Dearest Brumstrong,
Is the score/achievement thing too competitive? Competition is good, but kids with low self-esteem could have a hard time with it, especially if they end up with low scores.
Also, I have an idea for you guys: What if tardies and absences counted as demerits? How could that affect the avatars?



It seems that you are trying to bring parents into their child's education.

Armstrong, your speech was pretty flaccid. Get excited! If you're not
excited about your own presentation why would anyone else be?

On the second to last slide the text was appearing in a different
order than what was being said. I think you guys switched the order of
the parent and the teacher.


What is your community learning 
Your community is learning to adapt an alternative way of teaching and learning. They are also learning to be held accountable through a support system of their peers as well as a visual tracking system. 

Consider the level of incentive and reward to be something that is recognized by a specific support system rather than the entire community. Also consider the level of interaction the teacher has with each parent. This should be something that helps the communication between student, parent, and teacher and not just an additional responsibility that the teacher should have to feel.    

Your research and level of understanding of your community was nicely displayed as well as transferred from poster to presentation. 



learning: students: what they learn in school? parents: how they're children are doing; teachers: to monitor students & compare students
how do you go about the reward system? consider the conflicts within school: is it cool to achieve? how can you make it that way?


1. Better communication as well as increased communication between parents and minors. 

2. nice fleshed out sketches, also very well laid out functionality. the only thing i worry about is how you display points for others to view. 

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