April 1, 2012

Motorcycle Billboard & Animated Web Banner Final Statement

I'm glad I chose to work with the Motorcycle subculture this time around because it was a really interesting experience to apply the same rules and principals of design research we had just learned about with one culture directly to another. In fact I think having to apply it to a different sub-culture helped it sink in.

While doing design research about the Motorcycle sub-culture I discovered that there was a service called OpenRoadJourney.com that provided riders monetary compensation for documenting their rides around America. This aligned itself with the need for money to continue to ride often, and also to further customize their bikes. This service aligned itself with the values of Patriotism, by it being about rides across beautiful America roads, Independence, by giving riders the ability to cut free of city life, and Socializing, by sharing their experiences with other riders.
Animated Web Banner.pdf

Channel: Billboard

OpenRoadJourney.com will provide you with the means to see the greatest roads in America. We just want you to share your experience with fellow motorcycle enthusisits by documenting your trip. Get paid to do what you love.

  Rider Lingo:
  • Hammer Down - “Full throttle all the way.”
  • Full Throtle - “On a motorcycle the control used by the driver to regulate power to the engine is called the throttle. Full throttle is when the engines maximum output of power is being utilized.”
  • Patriotism - Great American roads. 
  • Independence - Getting out of the city. 
  • Socializing - Sharing great roads and experiences with other riders.
  • Money - Funding to keep taking trips.
  • Customization - Bike personalization.
  • Major cities inner and outer corridors.
  • Areas of high traffic congestion which makes the message more impactful. 
Large Leaderboard Billboard
48’ft by 14’ft

Visual Approach: (Long version)
Utilizing an Image of the Rocky Mountains a well known American landmark that I took myself on a road trip allows us to speak to the riders sense of pride in their country. It gives them a suggested landmark to travel to and also creates contrast between the mountainous landscape of Colorado and the urban placement of the billboard.

The image of the Rocky Mountains has been give a dusty, and almost surreal like quality to reflect first the rich motorcycle culture’s vintage and historical roots. Secoundly the surrealist quality to bring in a magestic dreamlike quality of adventure that resonates within the motorcycle sub-culture. Particualarly regarding cross country trips as made famous in films like Easy Rider.

The rain drops and reflective flare helps create the feeling of one being behind the wind screen or looking through a helmet. This should help envoke a longing to travel.

A motorcycle is not displayed in the image because the coded language of Hammer Down speaks to the bikers without giving away the message to those who are not part of the motorcycle sub-culture.

Channel: Animated .Gif

67 Frames total, up from 12 previously.
Frames build up speed in this order: 0.01, 0.04, 0.07, 0.10, 0.13, 0.16 sec.

The Rocky Mountains fade into the scene through the build up of a series of consecutive frames.

  • Hammer Down
  • Across America
  • Openroadjourney.com
The largest online motorcycle forum.

Large Leaderboard Web Banner
728px by 210px

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