January 26, 2011

Design Archeology - Values & Artifacts

DIY Hacker

1. Computer Case
2. External Fast Kill Harddrive
3. Flash Drive
4. N Band Modem
5. High Gain WIFI Antenna
6. Power Supply
7. USB 3.0 Cable
8. Firewire
9. Power Cord
10. Flat Screen Monitor
11. Processor
12. Ram Sticks


1. Access to computers should be unlimited and available to everyone. They believe this accessibility gives the masses the ability to take things apart, fix them or improve on them.
2. All information should be free. Like physical computer equipment they also believe that all information like software programs should be free for people to use, fix, improve, or re-invent on. This concept is known as transparency.
3. Mistrust of authority, and strong argument to oppose limits or regulations of information and uses of the internet. They also believe that all governing bodies are flawed.
4. The value of a person is based on skill, and not race, sex, age, or job.
5. Hackers believe that art and beauty can be created on a computer. They believe that code can be beautiful when written properly.
6. Computers can improve your life for the better. They believe that computers enrich their lives and empower them.


1. Comic Books
2. Glasses
3. Calculator
4. Computers
5. Video Games
6. Action Figures
7. Pocket Protector
8. Science Fiction Film Collection
9. High Water Pants
10. Textbooks
11. Fantasy Roll Playing Games
12. Badges From Anime Conventions


1. Intelligent but socially awkward.
2. Indifferent or oblivious to the negative perceptions of themselves.
3. May show an intrest in activities that are viewed by their peers as silly and immature for their age, such as trading cards, comic books, role playing games, or other things pertaining to fantasy and science fiction.
4. Sometimes portrayed as having symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
5. Fantasy escapist cultural connotations. 
6. Some nerds show a pronounced interest in subjects which others tend to find dull or boring, or just simply too complex and difficult to comprehend, or overly mature for their age, especially topics related to science, mathematics and technology.
7. In popular culture have risen to wealth and fame with the tech boom.